I am currently in Albany, New York, spending time with my daughter and a toddler grand daughter . It is so delightful to watch the little one play , giggle and speak in broken sentences . Her radiant happiness when we understand what she is trying to say brightens up the whole room.   She says ” Ama” and gives me a tight hug which warms my heart to its core and I love every minute  spent with her. Nothing else  at the current stage of my life is so wonderful as being with my family.  I feel blessed!!

I tend to spoil her , but I am happy that  I am reading and re-learning  a lot about child care. Things were different when I was  a mother . I had a lot of extended family’s support and home help so I never had to worry about feeding or making my two little children sleep well. But things are not the same here in the US.

I found some useful links to share – http://www.janetlansbury.com/2011/01/babys-no-cry-sleep-is-exhausting-more-wisdom-from-eileen-henry/.