For a very long time, I have been meaning to start a website of my own and write blogs . However, not being so techno savvy I was not sure how to go about it. Despite watching several Youtube videos ( bless them) and reading many articles on setting up websites,  navigating through many free offers and templates, I was more confused , not being able to decide what to do;  honestly I was  STUCK.  One fine day I met a very smart young enterpreneur at my sister’s residence and asked him if he could help me. He actually owned an IT company and was very happy to oblige. Thus began my journey into the world wide web. So far so good!

But alas the challenges continued !  Some of the challenges included  difficulties in  understanding the different meanings of words they use in the IT world,  the offers, my own needs, security issues and how do I make myself capable of writing , posting , editing data/articles  in my website.  Also, I wanted to have hyperlinks to create  links between  my own articles or  relevant articles  of other people. Making my technical adviser understand my need was an issue , but finally I succeeded and hopefully will be able to do so on my own very soon . The third group of challenges was to find appropriate photographs to create a backdrop for my website. I am yet to get there. This piece is also a practice writeup to post a new blog. Hope you all are enjoying reading it as I am enjoying writing it 🙂

The key message is- persistence leads to success. Technically sound people who have a lot of patience  to guide you make the  journey a little less stressful. Ultimately , regularity of practice is the main path  to  perfection. I am yet to get there , but I will !! This is my promise today- the 10th of May, which is also our 36th Wedding Anniversary!!  My husband, Vijay, is strongly behind me and with me all throughout the various journeys of my life. Guys-wish us luck and plenty of laughter!!